Moving on to a Future of Counting Adult Tissue Stem Cells

With its recently described improved technologies for specifically identifying adult tissue stem cells  or detecting their function by a computer simulation technology, biotech start-up Asymmetrex is anticipating a need for rules to move the field of stem cell biology from a past of common errors and misconceptions to a future of exact quantification.

Asymmetrex’s  5 rules to counting adult tissue stem cells:

1. Consider that there may be no tissue stem cells in the sample.

2. Realize that previously described “stem cell biomarkers” are not specific.

3. Do not call CD34-positive or CD133-positive cells “stem cells,” because >99% are not.

4. Evaluate H2A.Z  asymmetry, a specific tissue stem cell biomarker based on exclusive stem cell functions.

5. Use Asymmetrex’s AlphaSTEM computer simulation technology for counting tissue stem cells.
AsymmetrexMoving on to a Future of Counting Adult Tissue Stem Cells

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