Guiding the Inevitable in Stem Cell Medicine

As ideas on the potential ability of some adult tissue stem cells to accelerate repair of damaged or injured tissues have grown to be more widely disseminated, so has interest grown in developing stem cell treatments within standard medical practice.  In particular, chronic debilitating ailments like joint pain and low back pain, caused either by injury or degenerative arthritic disease, are currently a major focus of evaluation.  The ability to prepare stem cell-containing treatment samples using standard clinical methods and return them to sites of pain and injury in the same patient has encouraged many physicians to evaluate these unproven therapies for potential benefit for their patients.  Appreciating this development in medical practice, stem cell biotechnology start-up Asymmetrex has developed the following 8recommended guidelines to increase the likelihood that these growing ad hoc evaluations will yield the most benefit to this new field of stemcell medical investigation, as well as the evaluated patients.

Asymmetrex’s 8 guidelines for ad hoc stem cell therapy in the doctor’s office:

1. Employ well-informed consent.

2. Judiciously manage patient expectations.

3. First “do no harm.”

4. Standardize procedures for cell preparation and re-injection

5. Standardize subjective and objective measures of outcome

6. Document

7. Report

8. Stay abreast of FDA guidelines

AsymmetrexGuiding the Inevitable in Stem Cell Medicine

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