Using Mathematical Algorithms to Rapidly Determine the Stem Cell-Specific Fraction (SCF)

Using the unique data output of the TORTOISE TestTM software, Asymmetrex recently discovered the existence of mathematical algorithms that can be used to rapidly determine the stem cell-specific fraction (SCF) of any complex tissue cell preparation based on the preparation’s cell population doubling time (PDT). Asymmetrex is now developing a suite of tissue stem cell type-specific PDT:SCF determination algorithms, which constitute Asymmetrex’s new RABBIT CountTM platform.

TORTOISE TestTM and RABBIT CountTM Comparison

This graph shows that the RABBIT CountTM algorithms deliver rapid tissue stem cell counts with the same accuracy as the TORTOISE TestTM software. Routine rapid determination of the tissue SCF has many important applications. In addition to regular use for tissue and cell research, RABBIT CountTM algorithms are ideal for inline monitoring of tissue stem cell number during cell and tissue manufacturing process development and for Pharma and BioPharma evaluations of the effects of drug candidates on tissue stem cell health and function.

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