This podcast series reveals the understated, but long-standing, and challenging problem of the lack of an effective technology for counting therapeutic tissue stem cells. It explores a secret that has been so well kept for so long by the stem cell research and stem cell medicine disciplines that many experts fail to even understand or acknowledge that the problem exists any more. In the podcast, with moderator Jordan Rich leading the expository discussion, Dr. James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D., Director and Founder of biotechnology tools company Asymmetrex®, discloses the nature of the stem cell counting problem and its widespread detrimental effects in limiting progress in stem cell research, stem cell medicine, drug development, and environmental health sciences. Dr. Sherley also describes the recent development of a solution to the counting problem. Together, he and Jordan Rich consider both the immediate impact of the new stem cell counting technology and its future vision for advancing a near era of medicine.

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Episode 1: Medicine with Stem Cells

In this first episode, Dr. James Sherley talks with Jordan Rich about how stem cells are used for medicine, and they consider the tension between FDA-authorized clinical trials and treatments in private stem cell clinics.  Their discussion discloses a bigger problem that compromises all stem cell treatments, even approved ones.

Episode 2: The Stem Cell Counting Problem

Listen in as stem cell physician scientist Dr. James Sherley and interviewer Jordan Rich pick up their exploration together on how stem cell medicine works. Their conversation reveals a pervasive, but often unacknowledged, problem in stem cell medicine that limits its effectiveness.

Episode 3: The Stem Cell Counting Problem - Does It Matter?

In episode three, Jordan Rich asks Asymmetrex® founder and director Dr. James L. Sherley if the stem cell counting problem really matters for stem cell medicine. Listen in for Dr. Sherley’s response.

Episode 4: The Stem Cell Counting Problem - A Solution

Continue the conversation with interviewer Jordan Rich and stem cell scientist Dr. James Sherley as they discuss a new technology that provides a solution for the stem cell counting problem. Beyond the technology and how it works, they begin to consider how it can improve stem cell medicine, in both FDA-authorized clinical trials and private stem cell clinics.

Episode 5: Additional Uses for Stem Cell Counting in Drug Development and Environmental Health Protection

In the fifth episode, Asymmetrex® director James L. Sherley and interviewer Jordan Rich expand their discussion of stem cell counting for stem cell medicine to consider how both traditional pharmaceutical drug development and environmental health analyses will also benefit from the new technology.

Episode 6: The Future Vision for Tissue Stem Cell Counting

Join stem cell physician scientist Dr. James L. Sherley and interviewer Jordan Rich in the final podcast episode for a look forward to a new era of stem cell medicine advanced by stem cell counting. Dr. Sherley invites others to join in his vision of future in which stem cell science and stem cell medicine finally join other fields of science and medicine with the crucial ability to count the essential agents of their disciplines. “A new era of medicine with a stem cell counter on every lab bench and by every bedside.”

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