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The AlphaSTEM Test™ – A New Tool for Quantitative Tissue Stem Cell Biomedicine

No Use of Poor Specificity Biomarkers

Asymmetrex has overcome the biomarker specificity barrier to counting adult tissue stem cells specifically.  Our new AlphaSTEM Test™ technology utilizes the universal and unique property of adult tissue stem cells, asymmetric self-renewal, to count them specifically.  The new technology can count adult tissue stem cells distinctly from committed progenitor cells.  Committed progenitors share the available biomarkers with stem cells, but they do not share their asymmetric self-renewal.

Requires Only Simple Total Cell Count Data

During culture, stem cells are rate-determining for total cell production.  However, because of their asymmetric self-renewal kinetics, stem cell number decreases with serial culture.  Asymmetrex can apply its patented and proprietary AlphaSTEM Test™ technology to compute the rate of stem cell dilution and loss from the rates of change in total cell number during serial culture of any mammalian tissue cell preparation (See example in figure below).

Examples of universal, specific dilution kinetics for stem cells from different tissues determined with the AlphaSTEM Test™ software. Vertical lines reflect culture dilutions during serial passage.  Vertical inclines manifest symmetric stem cell divisions that produce two stem cells.  Horizontal lines indicate the presence of only asymmetrically self-renewing tissue stem cells.

Computational Determination of Tissue Stem Cell Number and Kinetics

The AlphaSTEM Test™ software makes it possible to determine the specific dilution kinetics of rare stem cells even in complex multicellular populations used in research and for stem cell treatments.  The specific dilution kinetics are mathematically related to stem cell number, stem cell viability, and stem cell division rates, which can all be derived computationally from the empirical data.

About Asymmetrex

We are a life sciences biotechnology company with a focus on innovating adult stem cell medicine technology that will advance the potential of adult tissue stem cells into routine medical practice.

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Asymmetrex Counting Stem Cells Podcast Series

Asymmetrex recently completed its 6-part podcast series on the challenging problem of the lack of an effective technology for counting therapeutic tissue stem cells. This series goes into great detail about the stem cell counting problem and its effects in limiting progress in stem cell research, stem cell medicine, drug development, and environmental health sciences.
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Asymmetrex’s New Contract Service Provides Easy Access to Stem Cell Counting

  • Step One:

    Contact Asymmetrex to discuss your stem cell counting needs.

  • Step Two:

    Asymmetrex will work with you, so that you may produce the required serial culture data OR Asymmetrex will perform the required serial cell culture studies for you.

  • Step Three

    You will receive a report with the following determinations:
    A. The number of stem cells in your initial cell preparation.
    B. The number of stem cells at each serial culture passage.
    C. The fraction of stem cells renewing asymmetrically versus symmetrically, both initially and at each serial culture passage.
    D. The specific cell kinetics profile of stem cells, committed progenitor cells, and terminally differentiated cells initially and throughout the serial culture period (e.g., number, cell cycle time, number of lineage divisions, death rates).
    E. Statistical analysis for confidence of determinations.

Aren’t Sure You Need Stem Cell Counting? Consider These Important Applications!

  • Stem Cell Research

    A. Know the number of stem cells in your experiments.
    B. Correlate cellular properties of interest to specific tissue stem cell number.

  • Tissue Stem Cell Expansion and Supply

    A. Monitor stem cell number during production and process optimizations.
    B. Provide your customers with quality control reports based on stem cell number and quality.
    C. Let Asymmetrex use its AlphaSTEM Test™ expansion design capability to improve your tissue stem cell production process.

  • Stem Cell Medicine

    A. Know tissue stem cell dose for the first time.
    B. Establish quality control based on stem cell number and tissue cell renewal function.

  • Drug Development

    A. Identify stem cell-activating drug candidates that have efficacious effects (e.g., wound repair)
    B. Identify stem cell-toxic drugs, which cause intolerable chronic organ failure, before incurring the greater expense of animal studies and clinical trials.
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Adult Stem Cell Medicine Technology

Asymmetrex is a life sciences biotechnology company with a focus on innovating adult stem cell medicine technology that will advance the potential of adult tissue stem cells into routine medical practice.   Adult tissue stem cells are found in the bodies of children and adults.  They are a small fraction of the cells (less than 1 per 1000) that make up organs and tissues like the liver, cornea, skin, muscles, hair, brain, and bone marrow.  Despite their small fraction, they are responsible for continuously renewing and repairing the body.

Because of their normal role in maintaining and restoring organs and tissues, tissue stem cells obtained from a donating person have an inherent ability to reconstitute severely damaged tissues due to injury or disease in another recipient person.  Currently, tissue stem cell transplantation treatments of this type are only available for a few tissues, e.g., bone marrow and the cornea of the eye.  There are many, many more tissues in the body for which stem cell transplantation therapies are needed, but not possible.  The major cause of this shortcoming – insufficient quantities of donor stem cells – often also undermines the effectiveness of the tissue stem cell treatments that are available.

Asymmetrex holds adult stem cell patents for technologies that promote the multiplication of adult tissue stem cells.  Tested so far for tissue stem cells found in the liver, lung, pancreas, muscle, skin and hair follicle, the technologies have the potential to produce therapeutic human tissue stem cells by the pound, trillions of cells at a time.  Unlike other presently popularized strategies based on pluripotent stem cells, Asymmetrex’s adult stem cell medicine technology produces normal cells without high rates of mutation or tumor-forming properties.   A major pursuit of Asymmetrex is collaboration with strategic partners to develop robust manufacturing processes for producing medically important tissue stem cells and their differentiated derivative cells for use in transplantation therapies and drug development.

Another long-standing challenge in stem cell biomedicine is lack of means to identify and count tissue stem cells.  Because of this need, even the available tissue stem cell therapies like bone marrow transplantation cannot be reliably optimized to achieve better treatment outcomes.  This problem has existed for half a century because of the failure to discover biological markers found exclusively in or on adult tissue stem cells.

Employing its internationally recognized, special research expertise in unique adult tissue stem cell properties, Asymmetrex has developed several technologies that make it now possible to either count tissue stem cells directly or estimate their number precisely.  This adult stem cell medicine technology and innovation provide, for the first time, the means to monitor tissue stem cell number and quality for applications in regenerative medicine and drug development.

By continuing to discover and develop adult stem cell medicine technology for the production, identification, and quantification of restorative adult tissue stem cells, Asymmetrex will set the direction and pace of modern stem cell biomedicine.  In addition to our current focus in developing stem cell toxicology assays for the pharmaceutical industry, we also license technologies for stem cell detection (including cancer stem cells) and stem cell expansion for user-exclusive applications.

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