As a private for-profit biotechnology start-up company, Asymmetrex® provides unique investment opportunities for individuals and institutions who seek to invest in ventures to improve human health and medical care. Asymmetrex® is currently pursuing two primary commercialization plans:

Kinetic Stem Cell Technology

Asymmetrex® is currently developing a first-of-its-kind computer simulation technology that can estimate the number and determine the function of adult tissue stem cells in essentially any human organ or tissue. We are now evaluating investments to support the development of the new Kinetic Stem Cell Counting technology to reduce the cost and time required to discover safer effective drugs in the $50 billion drug development industry.

Human Adult Liver Stem Cell Biomanufacturing

Asymmetrex® has the vision of increasing the production of human adult tissue stem cells and their mature cell derivatives to manufacturing scales. Employing our suppression of asymmetric cell kinetics (SACK) technology, we project that we can engineer a manufacturing process capable of weekly production of trillions (i.e., pounds) of human adult tissue stem cells or their differentiated derivatives. The first commercialization targets are human adult liver stem cells and their differentiated derivatives that possess properties of mature liver cells (i.e., hepatocytes). Success in this undertaking would supply the $2 billion market for liver failure therapies, as well as the $2 billion pharmaceutical drug evaluation market. Asymmetrex® is currently evaluating prospective development and investment partners to achieve this vision of human liver cell bio-manufacturing. Succeeding with liver opens the door for next-generation bio-manufacturing processes for pancreatic stem cells for diabetes therapies and hair follicle stem cells for innovation in skin and hair loss treatments.

R&D Grants

10/20 – 9/21: NIH-NHLBI Small Business Innovation Research Phase I
“Increased Validation of a First Method for Counting Tissue Stem Cells Specifically”

11/20 – 10/21: Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) Project Award
“A technology for rapid in-line determination of stem cell-specific number during tissue stem cell bio-manufacturing processes”