If you study, produce, supply, or treat with tissue stem cells, like hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), imagine what it means for you to be able to quantify their numbers specifically – in your experiments, in your biomanufacturing process, in your expansion bioreactors, or in your treatments, as the case may be.  Just imagine what that will mean for your research progress, your manufacturing efficiency, your customer satisfaction, or the effectiveness of your stem cell and gene therapy treatments. Just imagine that for a moment…

Then, stop imagining and begin realizing these advances by taking advantage of the kinetic stem cell (KSC) counting technology available from Asymmetrex®.

Calculators I-III below provide some useful basic parameters for general mammalian in vitro cell culture.  Calculator IV provides limited free access to each new calculator that Asymmetrex® debuts for rapid counting of different types of tissue stem cells that requires only 72-hour cell culture count data.

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So, stop imagining better and start realizing better now!

I. Population doubling time (PDT)

The population doubling time of a culture is calculated by the following equation:

PDT in hours = ln2 * (hours of culture) / ln(fold change in cell number)

(Note: PDT is an estimate of the cell cycle time of the dividing cells in a culture only when the dividing fraction of new cells approaches 100% and the cell death rate is insignificant.)

To Calculate PDT:

  • t1, time in hours when culture started (usually 0)
  • t2, time in hours when culture period ended
  • N1, number of cells in culture at time = t1
  • N2, number of cells in culture at time = t2


II. Cell Population Doublings

The number of cell population doublings during a period of culture is calculated by the following equation:

Number of cell doublings = ln(fold increase in cell number)/ln2

To calculate Cell Population Doublings:

  • N1, Number of initial cells
  • N2, Number of cells at the end of the period of culture


III. Cumulative Population Doublings (CPD)

A CPD data graph can be generated by calculating the number of cell doublings for a series of consecutive culture intervals and summing the values sequentially.

Initial Cell Number:


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