Increase Your Stem Cell Production and Decrease Your Cost

Let us help you design procedures that will improve the degree and efficiency of adult tissue stem cell expansion for cell therapy applications.

An Example: Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs)

The TORTOISE Test permits, for the first time, monitoring of specific tissue stem cell number during expansion culture. The test can be used to evaluate the effects of culture supplements on tissue stem cell expansion. In addition, being a computer simulation technology, the TORTOISE Test software can be used to design culture procedures for more effective stem cell expansion. Optimization studies based on published hMSC expansion culture data doubled the number of hMSCs produced, while cutting production time in half and reducing production costs by more than 95%!

The TORTOISE Test Production Difference

Determine Specific Stem Cell Counts

Shown below are examples of the specific stem cell counts determined for commonly studied tissue stem cell preparations.

Delineate Between the Kinetics of Tissue Stem Cells, Transiently Amplifying Cells, and Arrested Differentiated Cells in the Same Culture

In addition to determining the tissue stem cell fraction of any starting tissue cell preparation, the TORTOISE Test software has many other unique capabilities. It also provides for the first time the ability to quantify kinetic properties of tissue stem cells selectively without confounding with their ever present and more abundant progeny, committed progenitor cells.  The figure below shows how, in addition to detecting changes in tissue stem cell number with cell culture passage, the TORTOISE Test software can delineate between the kinetics of tissue stem cells, transiently amplifying cells, and arrested differentiated cells in the same cell culture.  The software also provides specific outputs for tissue stem cell viability and self-renewal kinetics. These analyses are powerful new tools for investigating tissue stem cell function in response to agents like drug candidates and in relationship to specific cellular mechanisms of interest.

Listen to Asymmetrex's TORTOISE Test Technology Demo presentation at the recent Spring Meeting in the Millyard of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute|BioFabUSA (June 7-9, 2022) to learn more about how TORTOISE tells you the whole story.

Other Services

Asymmetrex® offers a contract service for specifically counting diverse adult tissue stem cells and related applications for stem cell science and stem cell medicine. If you do not see the tissue stem cell application that you need listed below among our highlighted services, please, contact us. If your need involves determining the quantity or quality of adult tissue stem cells, Asymmetrex® will be able to address it.


Determine the specific number and cell kinetics properties of adult tissue stem cells in research samples.


Determine the specific dose and quality of therapeutic adult tissue stem cells (e.g., umbilical cord blood stem cells), including for veterinary medicine.

Drug Safety

Identify stem cell-toxic drug candidates, which often cause chronic organ failure, a major cause of drug candidate failure.

Drug Efficacy

Identify drug candidates that improve adult tissue stem cell efficacy for transplantation medicine.


Monitor changes in the number of adult tissue stem cells (e.g., mesenchymal stem cells) during expansion procedures.

SC Factors

Identify growth factors and other agents that increase the degree of adult tissue stem cell expansion for cell therapy applications.


Evaluate environmental toxicants for either toxic or carcinogenic effects on adult tissue stem cells.

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