Webinar: Technology for Counting Adult Tissue Stem Cells

Webinar: A first technology for counting adult tissue stem cells for applications in regenerative medicine and drug development

Since the first discovery of adult tissue stem cells, it has been impossible to count them. This conundrum persists because neither morphological nor molecular properties have been defined that distinguish tissue stem cells from more abundant committed progenitor cells. This webinar introduced AlphaSTEM, a first-in-class technology with the capability of counting homeostatic stem cells in complex research and therapeutic cell preparations from many different human tissues. The predicted impact of the AlphaSTEM stem cell counting technology on stem cell research, umbilical cord blood bank practice, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation therapies, gene-editing therapeutics, and drug candidate evaluations was considered.  Listen to the webinar on demand now.

What will you learn?

  • The nature of the adult tissue stem cell counting problem
  • How the AlphaSTEM stem cell counting technology works
  • How stem cell counting will impact tissue stem cell research
  • How the determination of “stem cell dose”, for the first time, will impact stem cell transplantation medicine, gene-editing therapeutics, and regenerative medicine research in general
  • How the ability to count tissue stem cells has already enabled assays that identify drug candidates that affect tissue stem cells, negatively, positively, or both

Who may this interest?

  • Research stem cell biologists, university and industry
  • Preclinical drug candidate evaluation CROs
  • Pharmaceutical companies (toxicologists, pharmacovigilance executives)
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation physicians
  • Umbilical cord blood bank directors
  • Gene-editing therapeutic companies
AsymmetrexWebinar: Technology for Counting Adult Tissue Stem Cells

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