Asymmetrex Founder’s Stem Cell Medicine Article Featured in CTA

Advancing Stem Cell Medicine by Supplying Private Stem Cell Clinics

James Sherley, Asymmetrex, considers the potential benefits to stem cell medicine and stem cell science

Presently, in stem cell science and stem cell medicine, there exists a high degree of prejudice against private medical practices that offer stem cell treatments. When describing these private stem cell clinics, many reports written by disapproving stem cell scientists and stem cell medicine clinicians refer to the treating physicians as charlatans exploiting patients’ desperation and ignorance for money. Additionally, they’re regarded as unknowing pawns, themselves exploited by unsavory purveyors of poorly defined purported stem cell preparations. These reports warn that the supplied preparations may not only be ineffective, but they also may not contain any stem cells at all.

In contrast to this pejorative view held by well-known scientists and physicians in the field of stem cell biomedicine, many patients and patient advocate groups actively demand freedom for private stem cell clinics to operate without interference. The general sentiment being that regulatory agencies, like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) might restrict private clinics from exploring potentially beneficial novel stem cell treatments.

One factor responsible for this opposing view by patients is impatience with the generally slow, often protracted, and highly expensive regulatory path that new medical treatments must travel before receiving approval for general use. But there is also a fundamental distinction at play that could be seen as giving considerable credence to patients’ call for unregulated operation of private stem cell clinics. That distinction is the difference in the core principles that motivate stem cell medicine versus those that motivate stem cell science.

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AsymmetrexAsymmetrex Founder’s Stem Cell Medicine Article Featured in CTA

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