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AlphaSTEM Test™ Contract Service

Our Newest Service: Tissue Stem Cell Expansion Optimization

Let us help you design procedures that will improve the degree and efficiency of adult tissue stem cell expansion for cell therapy applications.

An Example: Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSCs) (click here for a PDF example)

Other Services

Asymmetrex offers a contract service for specifically counting diverse adult tissue stem cells and related applications for stem cell science and stem cell medicine. If you do not see the tissue stem cell application that you need listed below among our highlighted services, please, contact us. If your need involves determining the quantity or quality of adult tissue stem cells, Asymmetrex will be able to address it.

See Asymmetrex Director James L. Sherley’s introduction to the new service in early 2017 (Click here for CXG17 video).

Counting –

Determine the specific number and cell kinetics properties of adult tissue stem cells in research samples (See Technical Report and click here for a PDF example).

Dosing –

Determine the specific dose and quality of therapeutic adult tissue stem cells (e.g., umbilical cord blood stem cells), including for veterinary medicine (Click here for a PDF example).

Drug Safety –

Identify stem cell-toxic drug candidates, which often cause chronic organ failure, a major cause of drug candidate failure (Click here for a PDF example).

Drug Efficacy –

Identify drug candidates that improve adult tissue stem cell efficacy for transplantation medicine (Click here for a PDF example).

Monitoring –

Monitor changes in the number of adult tissue stem cells (e.g., mesenchymal stem cells) during expansion procedures (Click here for a PDF example).

SC Factors –

Identify growth factors and other agents that increase the degree of adult tissue stem cell expansion for cell therapy applications (Click here for a PDF example).

Toxicology –

Evaluate environmental toxicants for either toxic or carcinogenic effects on adult tissue stem cells (Click here for a PDF example).

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