Role: Asymmetrex® is now hiring its first Sales Associates to build a new talented, motivated, and effective sales team to introduce and sell the company’s new TORTOISE Test contract service to pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, stem cell therapy, and stem cell research customers.


Responsibilities: The new Sales Associates will work with the direction of the Head of Marketing and Sales to develop effective sales strategies for developing customers in several identified markets. Sales Associates will be organized collaboratively by the Head of Marketing and Sales to educate, attract, and secure existing and newly identified targets as new customers. In addition, Associates will work to convert initial customer adoptions into long-term contractual agreements, while continuing to seek new business.


Requirements: Competitive candidates will have professional degrees and marketing and sales experience commensurate with the needs for success in the position. The ideal candidates will have recent and verifiable successful sales record in relevant markets.


Location requirements: Boston-Cambridge area


Preferred: Motivation and enthusiasm for advancing innovative technologies in stem cell and regenerative medicine. Backgrounds relevant to cell biology, genetics, stem cell science, clinical research, and drug development. Candidates with existing contacts with customer potential in relevant markets.


Salary: Negotiated commission basis with potential for advancement to salaried long term position.


Complete the form entirely to be considered for this position. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

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