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Asymmetrex is a life sciences biotechnology company with a focus on innovating adult stem cell medicine technology that will advance the potential of adult tissue stem cells into routine medical practice.   Adult tissue stem cells are found in the bodies of children and adults.  They are a small fraction of the cells (less than 1 per 1000) that make up organs and tissues like the liver, cornea, skin, muscles, hair, brain, and bone marrow.  Despite their small fraction, they are responsible for continuously renewing and repairing the body.

Because of their normal role in maintaining and restoring organs and tissues, tissue stem cells obtained from a donating person have an inherent ability to reconstitute severely damaged tissues due to injury or disease in another recipient person.  Currently, tissue stem cell transplantation treatments of this type are only available for a few tissues, e.g., bone marrow and the cornea of the eye.  There are many, many more tissues in the body for which stem cell transplantation therapies are needed, but not possible.  The major cause of this shortcoming – insufficient quantities of donor stem cells – often also undermines the effectiveness of the tissue stem cell treatments that are available.

Asymmetrex holds adult stem cell patents for technologies that promote the multiplication of adult tissue stem cells.  Tested so far for tissue stem cells found in the liver, lung, pancreas, muscle, skin and hair follicle, the technologies have the potential to produce therapeutic human tissue stem cells by the pound, trillions of cells at a time.  Unlike other presently popularized strategies based on pluripotent stem cells, Asymmetrex’s adult stem cell medicine technology produces normal cells without high rates of mutation or tumor-forming properties.   A major pursuit of Asymmetrex is collaboration with strategic partners to develop robust manufacturing processes for producing medically important tissue stem cells and their differentiated derivative cells for use in transplantation therapies and drug development.

Another long-standing challenge in stem cell biomedicine is lack of means to identify and count tissue stem cells.  Because of this need, even the available tissue stem cell therapies like bone marrow transplantation cannot be reliably optimized to achieve better treatment outcomes.  This problem has existed for half a century because of the failure to discover biological markers found exclusively in or on adult tissue stem cells.

Employing its internationally recognized, special research expertise in unique adult tissue stem cell properties, Asymmetrex has developed several technologies that make it now possible to either count tissue stem cells directly or estimate their number precisely.  This adult stem cell medicine technology and innovation provide, for the first time, the means to monitor tissue stem cell number and quality for applications in regenerative medicine and drug development.

By continuing to discover and develop adult stem cell medicine technology for the production, identification, and quantification of restorative adult tissue stem cells, Asymmetrex will set the direction and pace of modern stem cell biomedicine.  In addition to our current focus in developing stem cell toxicology assays for the pharmaceutical industry, we also license technologies for stem cell detection (including cancer stem cells) and stem cell expansion for user-exclusive applications.

Our Products

Asymmetrex's lead patented technology is "Suppression of Asymmetric Cell Kinetics (SACK)." SACK is biotechnology for multiplying adult tissue stem cells in culture without losing their specialized tissue renewal and repair properties.

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Asymmetrex's "suppression of asymmetric cell kinetics (SACK)" technology can produce adult tissue stem cell cultures from a single tissue stem cell. Such "clonal derivation" is required for cell genetic engineering. By employing SACK, Asymmetrex's has established that its expanded human liver tissue stem cells can be genetically engineered.

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Asymmetrex's "Suppression of Asymmetric Cell Kinetics (SACK)" technology for multiplying adult tissue stem cells is proven at laboratory scale for stem cells in other mammals as well as humans. Evaluated tissues include human liver, pancreas, skin, and blood; rat liver and lung; and mouse skeletal muscle, pancreas, and hair follicle.

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Asymmetrex's unique strategy of identifying adult tissue stem cells by virtue of their exclusive biological functions is the foundation for our success in developing premiere technologies for specific identification and counting for the first time.

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Because some cancer stem cells are derived from mutated adult tissue stem cells, a subset of Asymmetrex biomarkers that identify adult tissue stem cells also identify cancer stem cells with a high degree of specificity.

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Asymmetrex’s AlphaSTEM technology is a first-ever technology for quantitative analysis of adult tissue stem cells that will accelerate progress in stem cell biomedicine.

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The Technologies We Do Best In Stem Cell Medicine

  • Drug Evaluation Assays

    Asymmetrex addresses the two major barriers to regenerative medicine success – producing normal adult tissue stem cells and counting them.

  • Trusted Scientists

    Asymmetrex’s founder and Director serves on editorial boards, scientific advisory boards, academic research advisory committees, and government agency advisory councils.

  • Strong Patent Portfolio

    Asymmetrex owns eight recently issued patents and has two pending applications for adult tissue stem cell production, identification, and counting.

  • Award Winning Scientists

    Pew Scholars Award in Biomedical Sciences, Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholar Award, NIH Director’s Pioneer Award

  • Published Scientists

    65 published research articles, including original research reports, research perspectives and hypotheses, critical commentaries, and research book chapters.

  • Stem Cell Pioneers

    Asymmetrex’s founder and Director is an internationally recognized, leading authority on the unique properties of adult tissue stem cells.

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