Why Gene Therapy Depends on Counting Stem Cells

In a RegMedNet post today (March 9, 2016), Asymmetrex explains that, although much attention is given to molecular genetics advances in the efficiency and integrity of new technologies for gene therapy, failure to count tissue stem cells is likely to limit future treatment success. Sufficient genetic engineering and transplantation of targeted tissue stem cells, like blood hematopoietic stem cells, are crucial for effective gene therapy.  Genetic engineering and gene-editing of rare stem cells face significant competition from abundant committed progenitor cells that can only give short-term treatment.  So, the desired long-term treatment depends heavily on stem cell number that is currently an unknown in gene replacement and gene-editing clinical trials.  In addition to today’s post, Asymmetrex’s founder and director, James L. Sherley, will give a presentation at 4:30 pm to relate how Asymmetrex’s new AlphaSTEM technology for counting adult tissue stem cells can address this important unmet need. The presentation is an invited talk at the Clinical Trials Supply New England 2016 conference taking place in the Revere Hotel in downtown Boston.

AsymmetrexWhy Gene Therapy Depends on Counting Stem Cells

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