Understand Stem Cell Tools and How They Are Used

What is cryopreservation?

Preserving by freezing, usually at extremely low temperatures (e.g., ≤ 130^oC).

What is cryopreservation of cells?

Freezing cells in a manner in which they remain viable after thawing.

What is a blood spinning machine used for?

To separate the cellular components of unclotted blood (red blood cells and white blood cells) from most of the platelets and liquid part (plasma).

What does a centrifuge do to blood?

By spinning unclotted blood in a machine, called a centrifuge, at low speeds, blood cells will form a pellet at the bottom of spun tubes, while many platelets will remain suspended in the plasma supernatant, which can be poured off of the cell pellet to achieve a separation of the platelets and plasma from the blood cells.

What does centrifuged blood mean?

Unclotted blood that has been spun in a centrifuge at sufficient speed and for sufficient time to form a cell pellet.

What is a cell washer?

A machine that automates the process of serially washing blood cells to remove blood factors that may interfere with clinical blood cell tests.

What is the purpose of a cell washer?

To provide efficient removal of blood factors that interfere with clinical blood cell tests in the setting of blood banks and test labs that perform hundreds of blood cell tests routinely.

What is a COBE 2991 cell separator?

An automated blood processing machine developed and marketed by TerumoBCT.

What is the purpose of a COBE 2991 cell separator?

This automated instrument integrates processes like centrifugation, concentration, cell washing, and dilution into one platform designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in standard procedures for human blood processing and testing.

What are cellsave tubes?

Also known as vacutainers, cellsave tubes are sterile plastic tubes used to draw patient blood samples for diagnostic clinical testing. The tubes are under vacuum to facilitate blood collection and contain respective cell preservatives for their specific test application.

What are cellsave tubes used for?

The collection, shipping, and testing of patient blood samples.

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AsymmetrexUnderstand Stem Cell Tools and How They Are Used

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