CEOCFO Magazine Features Asymmetrex’s ‘Revolutionary New Technology’

Asymmetrex Director James L. Sherley, M.D., Ph.D. had a one-on-one interview with the senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine about Asymmetrex and the AlphaSTEM Test. CEOCFO Magazine is a weekly publication that produces in-depth interviews with several top corporate executives.

The interview goes into detail about the science behind the AlphaSTEM Test and why counting stem cells is important and crucial to the progression of stem cell transplant therapies, drug development, and stem cell medicine.

CEOCFO: Dr. Sherley, the tagline on your Asymmetrex website is technologies for stem cell medicine. What are you working on now?  

Dr. Sherley: Our lead product that we are working on now, that has actually completed development and we are now marketing, is a new technology for counting adult tissue stem cells. Well call it the AlphaSTEM Test.

CEOCFO: Why do we need to count them? Would give us a little context?

Dr. Sherley: If you think about the way we have done drug development and drug use since the beginning of medicine, we do it by knowing the amount of the agent that we are giving to the patient. We know the dose. If you think about any medications that you currently take, you take a certain number of milligrams and that dose information is giving you the information about how many of those drug molecules you are getting…

To read the entire interview click here.


AsymmetrexCEOCFO Magazine Features Asymmetrex’s ‘Revolutionary New Technology’

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