Asymmetrex’s Call to Save Money, Patients and Time

Today in its company sponsored RegMedNet post, Asymmetrex highlights how its AlphaSTEM technology for counting adult tissue stem cells has potential for high impact in the pharmaceutical industry.  Regenerative medicine also encompasses the application of stem cell fundamentals to identify traditional small molecules and biologics drug candidates to treat disorders of aging, induce or accelerate healing of injuries, as well as treat more familiar diseases and disorders.  By counting tissue stem cells for the first time, Asymmetrex’s AlphaSTEM technology can be used to identify drug candidates that cause intolerable organ and tissue failure because of toxicity against tissue stem cells.  Currently, such failed drugs are not discovered until expensive animal studies or clinical trials with volunteer research subjects and patients.  Such failures for safety are estimated to cost the U.S. pharmaceutical industry $4-5 billion each year.  By screening out stem cell-toxic drug candidates earlier and cheaper, adopting AlphaSTEM technology is projected to save major pharmaceutical companies hundreds for millions of dollars each year, while increasing overall drug safety, and accelerating the identification of effective drugs.

AsymmetrexAsymmetrex’s Call to Save Money, Patients and Time

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