Asymmetrex Renews Efforts to Help Gene-Editing Companies

Asymmetrex Renews Efforts to Help Gene-Editing Companies

Asymmetrex Director James L. Sherley is back to chasing gene-editing companies again.  With the recent announcement of gene-editing company Intellia Therapeutics’ plans to IPO soon, Sherley is even more determined to make sure that gene-editing companies fully appreciate the advantages that Asymmetrex’s technologies for adult tissue stem cells can provide for them.  In order for gene-editing treatments to be stable, the editing must occur in adult tissue stem cells.  Other tissue cell types do not persist in the body long enough to provide permanent cures.  Asymmetrex has recently discussed the importance of being able to count targeted adult tissue stem cells to achieve more efficient gene-editing and to ensure that patients receive gene-edited tissue stem cells. Today, Asymmetrex fired off a series of four tweets to alert Intellia Therapeutics, Editas Medicine, Crispr Therapeutics, and Caribou Biosciences to its SACK technologies for expanding a variety of adult tissue stem cells in culture, including liver (relevant to reports from Intellia), blood, pancreas, and hair follicle stem cells. The more adult tissue stem cells gene-editors have available for editing, the more effective they will be in advancing this exciting new frontier of medicine.

AsymmetrexAsymmetrex Renews Efforts to Help Gene-Editing Companies

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