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Asymmetrex Adult Stem Cell Medicine Patents

Asymmetrex has produced a diverse portfolio of adult stem cell medicine patents and pending patent applications for new technologies for mass-producing diverse types of human adult stem cells, and for identifying them and their mature cell derivatives. The expanded adult stem cells retain their ability to produce their respective functional human tissues cells, allowing mass-production of a wide array of human cells for research, pre-clinical studies, and clinical applications. These cell technologies and stem cell patents are the outgrowth of the research of the Asymmetrex’s Director, Dr. James L. Sherley. They are the culmination of twenty years of research led by Dr. Sherley at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and most recently the Boston Biomedical Research Institute. In recognition of the superior innovation of this research, in 2006, Dr. Sherley received a National Institutes of Health Director’s Pioneer Award. Under Dr. Sherley’s directorship, Asymmetrex will work with life science companies to craft these novel technologies to address their specific barriers to commercialization of human cell products and applications.

Issued Adult Stem Cell Medicine Patents


  • 2017   Methods for Determining the Effect of an Agent on Tissue Stem Cells -US 9,733,236

  • 2015   Detecting and Counting Tissue-Specific Stem Cells and Uses Thereof -US 9,081,008

  • 2014   Method for Cloning Pluripotent Stem Cells -US 8759098

  • 2013    Hepatocyte Precursor Cell Lines -US 8404481

  • 2011    Unique Properties of Stem Cells -US 7883891

  • 2010    Nucleic Acid Sequences Associated with Cell States -US 7867712

  • 2010    Methods for Ex Vivo Propagation of Adult Hepatic Stem Cells -US 7824912

  • 2010    Methods for Ex Vivo Propagation of Somatic Hair Follicle Stem Cells -US 7655465

  • 2010    Hepatocyte Precursor Cell Lines -US 7645610


Published Pending Patent Applications


  • 2014    Methods for Producing Human Pancreatic Islet Precursor Cells and Uses Thereof- No. PCT/US2012/042644

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